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Sunny Heartley’s elevated, breathtaking “midnight music” has been featured on 17 previous CDs ~ all of which have been received with tremendous enthusiasm over the many years. “Deeper” promises to be his most ambitious, most realized, most transcendent effort to date.

Sunny’s distinctive, emotive sound is created by combining the most companionable elements of the didgeridoo, Native flutes (lovingly hand~crafted by Sunny, known as the “Sun~Heart Flutes”), a variety of hand percussion instruments, cymbals and chimes, djembe and darbuka, duduk, keyboard textures, and stylized vocals.

The stirring result is an ambient, meditative musical wave that has been described by listeners as “transportive,” “rapturous,” and “a musical bridge between spiritual and healing paths.”

The ten new songs on Sunny’s “Deeper” entreat the listener not only to relax, but to consider the stream-of-consciousness nature of complex, yet gentle possibilities in the realm of New Age music that is devoted to originality, and a direct connection to the heartsong of the listener.

In the first track, “Star Light, Star Bright,” and the last, “Twenty-One Ravens,” we may detect a framework that is rhythmically melodic, featuring exotic percussion and surprising combinations of ethereal sounds.

In “Something for Bec,” “Deeper,” and “Night Skating,” we experience a sultry, seamless movement from dark to light. Other tracks evoke connections with the cosmos: “Mercury in Retrograde” and “Aurora Borealis” engage our awareness of a vast and musical universe, and a curious yet somehow familiar sense of infinite spirituality.

Thus “Deeper” aspires to create a kind of new sonic vocabulary, a new language of influences, reflective of truly boundless possibilities in our world, and beyond.


Sunny Heartley’s reputation as a master Native flute maker, composer, performer, recording artist and producer has developed energetically and internationally over the past 20 years.

Sunny’s extraordinary Sun~Heart flutes are crafted out of exotic, often very rare, wood ~ affectionately and individually for musicians and collectors worldwide. The sound they produce is dense, rich, deeply breath~revealing, reminiscent of long walks in the woods at night, or a moon-bathed lake.

His state~of~the~art private studio yields crystalline recordings. Sunny’s 2005 “Sound Vibrational Healing Volume #1” won the Peoples’ Choice Award for Best New Healing and Mediation CD at the International New Age Trade Show in Denver, Colorado. “Healing” was followed up by “The 72 Names of God,” which, as Sunny says, “ … incorporates all the sound principles of the previous disc, but takes a new turn, as it enters the realm of the Hebrew language and the actual vibration of the alphabet.”

His ambitious “Out of This World” CD was released in 2010. Here, Sunny combines actual, breathtaking astronomical images of space with his music complement, commemorating the stunning human endeavors of the Hubble Space Telescope (launched in low earth orbit in 1990, and continues to this day) with equally stunning, cosmic Heartley sound.

Sunny, an Arizona local, performs live regularly, often with invited artists in his popular “Home Concerts” series. His is a legacy of continuity, a longstanding and much~varied love of great music, collaboration, deeply personal as well as shared spirituality and faith, and sheer sonic originality.


Close your eyes and enjoy “Deeper.” It was crafted with love, just for you.

~ Becky Byrkit, 2017

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